HolyPoly Design & Animation is a Dutch design and animation studio founded by Ruben Pol (1988) and specializes in visual communication for Television, film and digital / on-demand platforms.

After working as a designer at various television production companies for over 10 years, I started HolyPoly in 2018. Now I will not tire you with a complicated marketing story about the 'secret ingredients' of HolyPoly, because actually it's really simple; It's my job to translate your ideas into an appealing visual form. Good visuals do not come from a jar, do not arise from a complicated philosophy, but simply by listening carefully to the wishes of the client. Only when that succeeds my goal is achieved. From first pitch to premiere, HolyPoly likes to help visualize your ideas in every phase of a project.
Example where polygons form a three-dimensional representation of a dolphin. Source:  Wikipedia )

Example where polygons form a three-dimensional representation of a dolphin. Source: Wikipedia)

Source:  Quora

Source: Quora

What’s in a name?

During the start-up of my own design and animation studio it was clear that I wanted to do something with the word polygon (often abbreviated as poly). Polygons are interconnected line segments that are used to create graphical three-dimensional objects, where 3D animation is one of the best-known applications. The direct link between my job and my last name was quickly devised. But the concept of polygon does not yet make a brand name, or at least no original one.

So I searched for something that stands out, lingers and can be internationally pronounced. This is how HolyPoly originated, derived from the expression "Holy Moley!" (Nowadays usually written as "holy moly"). A term that became popular around 1940 by DC Comics' Captain Marvel, where the term was used as a steady expression of wonder or astonishment. Exactly the feeling that I hope to be able to evoke with my work.



Design and image editing, main title design, key art, 3D visualization, 3D animation, 2D and 3D Motion Graphics, sizzle tapes and trailers. HolyPoly can also support your project or company with traditional graphic design such as corporate identity, posters, brochures, promotion or presentation materials.

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